Coll Half Marathon, Isle of Coll

Coll Half Marathon

Fishing Competition, Isle of Coll

Fishing Competition

Kayak Hire from Collactive

Kayak Hire from Collactive

There is plenty to do on Coll, here are some ideas…

  • Hire a bike or bring your own and take a leisurely tour around the island.
  • Go on a birdwatching walk with the resident RSPB Warden.
  • Hire a Kayak or paddle board from Collactive and visit the seals in the safety of Arinagour bay.
  • Go beach combing on one of the island’s 23 beaches or walk the more rugged coastline if you fancy rock hopping.
  • Take part in the annual Beach Football Tournament.
  • Go for a round of golf on Coll’s 9 Hole course at Cliad.
  • Ramble through Coll’s machair and see how many rare wild flowers and orchids you can spot.
  • Join in with the various activities at An Cridhe, Coll’s Community Centre.
  • Visit the ancient Standing Stones, just five minutes walk from Arrol House.
  • Hike up to Ben Hough, the highest point on Coll to take in the breathtaking Hebridean panorama.
  • Go bodyboarding in the clear turquoise sea.
  • Discover the old ship wreck at low tide at Gortan.
  • Stroll around Arinagour and see if you can spot the places which inspired the Katie Morag stories.
  • Look out for the Northern Lights – Coll has been officially designated a Dark Skies Community and is perfect for observing the night sky.  If the Aurora Borealis isn’t on show there are always shooting stars and satalites moving across the skies. Great fun to count.
  • Take a basking shark tour.

There are various annual events which take place over the summer months such as the Fishing Competition, the Half Marathon and the Coll Show. Keep an eye out for posters in the village, you will be made most welcome should you wish to join in!